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Know your Psychotherapist

At Mind Matters, you are in the safe hands of a QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED mental health professional  


people successfully started their journey to better mental health with us


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Counselling Psychologist / M.A. Psychology

Professional Member of International Association for Counselling

The mind behind Mind Matters Counselling, Joey Oberoi is a qualified mental health professional with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychotherapy as well as a Specialist Diploma in Relationship & Marital Counselling. She is trained in Emotion Focused Therapy (L1), Gottman Therapy (L1) & Schema Therapy (L1). She has a decade’s work experience in London before moving to Singapore and pursuing her career in counselling.


Joey has a psycho-educational approach to therapy introducing powerful concepts in psychology in an actionable format, facilitating change from the ‘inside out’ ie inner change leading to outer change by focusing on the ‘root cause’. Using proven therapeutic interventions and techniques, the counselling sessions provide meaningful psychological insights and emotional breakthroughs, enabling clients to address and overcome deep-rooted psychological issues that are acting as roadblocks in their life, increase their mental and emotional resilience and be their #BestSelf referred to as the 'actualised self’ in psychology. In addition to individual and couple therapy sessions Joey also conducts corporate mental health talks.


Joey Oberoi @ MMC Mental Health Talks

If you are feeling distressed and find yourself unable to cope you need to seek professional help.

Seeking timely help can prevent a negative spiral.

Reach out to Mind Matters Counselling.

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