Mind Matters Counselling Singapore

  • Provides coaching, counselling and assessment services
  • To address and overcome psychological issues in your professional or personal life
  • Including stress, anxiety, depression, low self esteem and relationship problems
  • Using trained therapeutic techniques and interventions
  • Such as Schema Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, EMDR, Gottman Therapy and CBT

Just like for optimum physical fitness, having a strong inner muscular core is key, so also for optimum mental wellbeing having a strong inner emotional core is vital. One can say, in a way, psychotherapy is for the mind what psychotherapy is for the body.

- Mind Matters
Benefits of choosing counselling services from Mind Matters

Unique Approach

Pioneers of the ‘Inner Self – Outer Self’ model of coaching & counselling, Mind Matters offers a unique psycho-educational approach to personal development introducing powerful concepts in psychology in an actionable fit-for-purpose format enabling growth from the ‘inside out’ i.e. inner change leading to outer change by focusing on the ‘root cause’.

Mind Matters runs exclusive mental health & well being and personal development workshops to help people transform their lives by strengthening their core ie their 'inner self' - cultivating positive self belief, healthy self esteem, a resilience mindset - to 'raise their game' and be their #BestSelf referred to as the 'actualised self' in psychology.

Tangible Result

In addition, Mind Matters offers one on one counselling sessions to work through psychological issues to facilitate:

  • Increased emotional well being
  • Enhanced motivation levels
  • Healthy self esteem
  • Improved EQ / emotional intelligence
  • Positive self belief
  • Overcoming mental roadblocks
  • Effective coping mechanisms
  • Stress / anxiety / depression management

Professional Service

Mind Matter offers professional, effective and confidential service.

The workshops and counselling sessions are conducted by qualified experts in the field of mental health & well being and personal development who are passionate about helping people transform their lives by working with them to:

  • Remove mental roadblocks
  • Overcome self limiting beliefs
  • Recover from emotional hurts
  • Human thought

    Tenzin Palmo, an English woman who spent 12 years in a cave in Tibet, famously said: “We do not know what a thought is, yet we’re thinking them all the time.” While that may be a rather spiritual way to look at it, the fact is more often than not we don’t even know what our thoughts are about, well, our self - are they self-deprecating or self sustaining, do we have positive or negative self belief, do we have high self esteem, low self esteem or healthy self esteem.

  • How much do we really know about our self - what drives us, what our motivations are, the inner workings of our mind - our thoughts and beliefs, why we are successful in some areas of our life and unsuccessful in other areas, why we are able to emote in some situations and unable to in others, why some of the same patters keep repeating themselves in our life, why we feel we are stuck even though we have come a long way in life.

  • Science of Mind

    Questions about the mind that were once in the realm of spirituality are now firmly in the realm of psychology - the science of the mind - as we know more and more about the building blocks of our mind - the hardware - neurons, synapses, cells as well as the software - thoughts, motivations, beliefs. Armed with this knowledge, at Mind Matters we have a unique ‘psycho-educational’ approach to coaching and counselling that fundamentally changes the way we think about ‘our thinking’. Science has proven we are indeed what we think and we have the research to show for it.

  • Overcoming Mental Blocks

    Till not long ago people went to psychologists only if something was bothering them - persisting psychological issues referred to as pathology – increasingly now people see coaches and counsellors to get a better understanding of themselves to get more out of life, remove mental road blocks and get ahead ie personal growth.

Knowing where you stand is the very first step in investing in your mental health and wellbeing. Simply put, psychological testing / assessment is similar to a medical test in that it helps to determine the nature of the problem and figure out the best course of action to address it. Take the Mind Matters Emotional Wellness Test to learn more about yourself and ascertain your overall emotional wellbeing as a starting point in your personal growth and development journey.