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We Provide Professional Psychotherapy in Singapore

At Mind Matters, our priority is to provide QUALITY counselling

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Mind Matters Counselling Singapore specialises in:
Why Choose Mind Matters Counselling?

Effective counselling at an affordable price


Accessible in-person and online

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Qualified and experienced psychotherapist


Confidential, empathetic, therapeutic environment

Do you find yourself in a negative spiral:

Stressed and anxious


Emotional adjustment issues


Lack of self



Feeling burnt



Low mood or mood swings


Feeling overwhelmed


Struggling with loss or grief


Relationship problems



behaviour patterns

Seeking timely help for psychological stressors can prevent going down a negative spiral…


Over the past decade, I have been to a number of therapists, and have also consulted a psychiatrist for my ongoing anxiety and depression. I was not keen to go down the medication route, as I felt my symptoms were largely manageable with counselling, which helped me cope while I was in therapy – but it did not help me address my issues in the long run. This time around, when I was experiencing the tell-tale signs again, I was weary and sceptical about resuming therapy, and quite pessimistic about getting out of this cycle. I was referred to Joey by a friend, and found the sessions with her to be “transformative” to borrow from her vocabulary. I cannot overstate how helpful my sessions with her have been. For the first time I truly understand my anxiety, and can have a constructive dialogue with it, while challenging my negative self-beliefs which fuel my anxiety. After a long time, I feel like I am in a good place. 


How do therapy sessions with Mind Matters work?

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At Mind Matters, we are passionate about and committed to your mental health and emotional wellness. We provide professional psychotherapy services to address and work through psychological distress that may be affecting you adversely, impacting the quality of your life. Contrary to the commonly held view that therapy is for people who can’t help themselves, in fact, psychotherapy is for people who want to help themselves bring about lasting positive change i.e. ‘transformational change’.


Our counselling philosophy is that therapy is not just limited to helping you in the interim. It’s also about helping you help yourself in being your own therapist in the long run through increased self-awareness, sharing relevant knowledge about the workings of the mind based on the science of psychology as well as effective coping skills to help build emotional resilience or what we refer to as ‘psychological immunity’ akin to physical immunity.


Mental health is a lifelong journey. It is natural to have highs and lows along the way as mental wellness is not a linear process. Like we incur physical injuries we also incur psychological injuries in life - in the form of setbacks, loss, and trauma. Counselling is a valuable investment in one’s self and seeking timely help for psychological stressors can prevent a negative spiral. At Mind Matters our goal is to work with people to stem a negative downward spiral and facilitate a positive upward spiral!

Counselling is a valuable investment in one’s self…

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