Today as many as 1 in
every 10 people suffer fromanxiety and depression as per the World Health

Are you one of them?

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Do you find yourself in a negative spiral:

  • Struggling to cope
  • Dealing with feelings of hopelessness/worthlessness
  • Feeling down and out
  • Feeling anxious and distressed
  • Living in fear

It’s time to seek help… Mind Matters Counselling Singapore Provides Professional Counselling Services:

Effective counselling at affordable prices

By experienced and qualified counsellors

In a confidential, safe, therapeutic environment

Just like there is a physical aspect to health there is a mental aspect & taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health.

Mental health can be defined as:

  • A state of emotional well being
  • Is able to nurture relationships
  • In which the individual realises his/her potential
  • Can work productively and fruitfully
  • Can cope with the normal stresses and strains of life
  • Is able to make a positive contribution to their environment

Counselling Services

Mind Matters Counselling Singapore provides counselling and psychotherapy services to address and overcome psychological issues in your personal and / or professional life that may be adversely affecting your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Stress, Anxiety and
Depression Counselling

Self Esteem

Relationship and
Marital Counselling

Youth and Adolescent

Anger and Aggression

Personal Development