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Feeling Blue - 10 Signs You are Suffering From Depression

Updated: Apr 26, 2023


Have been feeling more ‘down and out’ than ‘up and about’ off late? Almost all of the symptoms of depression on their own are experienced by everyone at one time or another. However, if you have been dealing with five or more of the following symptoms on an ongoing basis, affecting you adversely, impairing your daily functioning you are likely to be suffering from clinical depression. Depression has both physical as well as emotional symptoms including:

Sleep disturbance

In the form of hypersomnia - excessive sleeping - as an escape from dealing with things or insomnia - an inability to sleep - resulting in being tired all the time

Change in appetite

Be it experiencing a loss of appetite resulting in fatigue and weight loss or compulsive eating to sooth your ‘emotional hunger’ with food binges

Being on edge, getting easily frustrated or angry

As a result of experiencing high levels of tension and fatigue making it difficult to cope with the normal stresses and strains of day to day life

Lack of interest and loss of libido

Marked by a sense of apathy no longer finding pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed, including sex

Lack of focus and concentration

Resulting in ‘brain fog’ or unfocused thinking leaving you feeling disoriented and scattered affecting your ability to make choices and decisions

Feelings of worthlessness/hopelessness

Having persistently negative thoughts about life in general and yourself in particular, typically fuelled by a sense of low self esteem

Withdrawal from social interactions

Preferring to shut yourself off from the world by limiting contact with friends and family and avoiding company in general

Feeling mentally and physically lethargic

with no energy to get through the day dragging yourself through the motions and just getting by somehow

Frequent aches and pains

Including headaches, stomach aches, muscle pains which are often psychological symptoms disguised as physical symptoms caused by chronic stress, worry or anxiety

Feeling a sense of foreboding and anxiety

Characterised by an impending sense of doom manifesting in the form of panic attacks or crying jags for no apparent reason

Even thought opinions on the line of treatment can be varied it is widely held that depression is a result of chemical imbalance in the brain caused by a multitude of reasons, leaving you compromised, adversely impacting the quality of your life, with your self worth being on an all time low and your emotional vulnerability being on an all time high. Recognising the telltale signs and seeking professional help in the form of counselling and therapy is the first step in dealing with depression.


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